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Comprehensive System & Software Engineering Services

Corporate Profile

Our Formation

Expert Methods, Inc. was founded in April 2000 by a team of industry-proven engineers experienced in designing, implementing, integrating, testing and supporting large-scale distributed systems with centralized control elements. Our experience covers the entire range of such systems, including GUI front-ends to client-server applications, multi-threaded applications, expert systems, distributed messaging, and hardware device interfacing for status and control functions.

Our Qualifications

Core Competencies

  • System & Software Engineering
  • Large-scale Distributed Systems
  • Systems Integration
  • Program Management

Domain Experience

  • Real-time Telemetry, Tracking and Command Systems
  • Navy Control Centers
  • USAF Control Centers
  • Commercial Control Centers
  • NASA Control Centers
  • Mission Critical Data Processing
  • Simulation
  • Expert Systems
  • Graphical User Interfaces

Application Experience

  • Mission Planning
  • Schedule Execution
  • Resource Management
  • Device Control & Status
  • Command & Telemetry Systems
  • Personnel Scheduling