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Management Team

Darin King, President

Darin King, President, has provided system/software engineering and program/project management services to the commercial and government space industries for over 20 years. Mr. King received his B.S. Degree in Applied Mathematics/Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, and his M.S. in Computer Science from The Johns Hopkins University.

Prior to joining Expert Methods, Inc. in 2000, Darin was employed by Software Technology, Inc. (STI). Mr. King assumed many corporate responsibilities within STI’s Government Systems Division: Vice President, Ground Systems Segment Manager, Space Systems Segment Manager, and Site Manager. From 1995 to 2000, Mr. King provided a strong leadership and engineering role in support of the Air Force’s Global Positioning System. He served as project manager, chief system architect, and program manager for STI’s involvement in the GPS Operational Control Segment upgrade. These responsibilities included cost and schedule management for technically and geographically diverse programs and contract types. Darin also provided significant contributions to STI’s Commercial and Product Divisions, leading and supporting system engineering efforts for the Iridium and DataLynx programs, as well as STI’s OS/COMET product suite. Mr. King began his career in 1988 supporting the Navy Space Program, where he demonstrated his software engineering skills by developing real-time orbital mechanics and spacecraft attitude calculation functionality, in addition to providing a lead system engineering role for several ground station automation projects.

Mr. King’s considerable engineering and management accomplishments provide Expert Methods, Inc. with a solid foundation for success.

James Englund, Vice President

James Englund, Vice President, has over 20 years experience designing, developing, and supporting expert systems and distributed application software, as well as managing software development and customer support operations in a variety of computing environments. Jim received his B.S. in Computer Science from Michigan State University, and his M.S. in Computer Science / Artificial Intelligence from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Prior to joining Expert Methods he worked at Software Technology, Inc. (STI), on the architecture upgrade of the GPS Operational Control Segment. Jim developed a resource allocation expert system and enhanced existing applications for hardware device monitoring & control and automated schedule execution. In addition, he led the Software Configuration Management and Product Delivery groups for STI’s GPS efforts, supporting multiple system baselines for various customers of the GPS OCS Upgrade. He was also active in the STI Government Division’s efforts to achieve Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Certification. Jim previously worked at Lockheed Martin’s Knolls Atomic Power Lab (KAPL) where he assisted in the modernization of the Lab’s Data Center as it migrated from IBM mainframe and CDC Cyber computers to Sun workstations and Cray XMP/YMP supercomputers. He then joined KAPL’s newly-formed Artificial Intelligence Group where he developed several expert system based applications for the joint US Dept. of Energy / Naval Reactors Program, one of which has been granted a US Patent. Jim began his career with General Electric Corporate Information Systems, where he received training in GE’s Software Engineering Program and Information Systems Management Program as well as exposure to the broad range of computer applications supporting GE’s diverse operations.

Jim’s system and software engineering experience and technical management skills bring diversity and a solid record of success to Expert Methods, Inc.

Bret Bucci, Corporate Secretary

Bret Bucci, Corporate Secretary, has provided system/software engineering services to government space industry for over 20 years. Mr. Bucci received his B.S. Degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Computer Science from Salisbury State University.

Prior to joining Expert Methods, Inc. in 2000, Bret was employed by Software Technology, Inc. (STI). From 1996 to 2000, Mr. Bucci worked on several applications in support of the GPS Operational Control Segment (OCS) architecture upgrade. He developed a multi-threaded Ground Station Equipment Control application to provide hardware status monitoring and control, and enhanced and supported the satellite command and control subsystem, as well as the real-time telemetry acquisition and processing system. Bret provided technical leadership for the design and development of the second generation Schedule Execution application used in the GPS OCS Upgrade. He led the prototype development and system integration efforts for STI’s proposals to the CERES and MISCS programs. Bret previously worked for AlliedSignal Technical Services at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center from 1990 to 1996. Bret participated in the design, development and operational support of several large scale applications, including the Shuttle Payload Operations and Control Center Interface Facility (SPIF), Mission Control Center Simulator (MCCSM2), and the International Cometary Explorer (ICE)/Interplanetary Platform (IMP).

Bret’s experience with real-time development, hardware interface implementation and systems integration, along with his technical leadership abilities, add valuable mission-critical experience to Expert Methods, Inc